What is the significance of pharmacovigilance training

What is the significance of pharmacovigilance training

Pharmacovigilance is all about drug safety. This branch of medical study has its focus on adverse drug reactions (ADRs).Pharmacovigilance is the pharmacological science which deals with detection, prevention, assessment and understanding of the harmful effects of medicine in the long run.

The main purpose of pharmacovigilance is to improve the safety of patients and enhance their care in terms of use of medicines, including paramedical interventions. It is also meant for supporting public health programs through provision of reliable information. This information is used for efficient assessment of a medicine’s risk-benefit profile.

Importance of Pharmacovigilance course/ Training:

  1. Pharmacovigilance training is necessary to identify harmful effects of certain drugs and to make the general public aware about the hazardous effects the drugs can have on the human body.
  2. The study or training makes the trainees understand the principles, rules and regulations of pharmacovigilance. The specialists try to overcome the challenges put forward by the increased range and potency of medicines. They are trained for contributing to the assessment of benefits, use, effects and risk of medicines.
  3. Safety of patients is supreme and thus the training involves appropriate, rational and safe medical drugs, evaluation of particular drugs with regards to its benefits and risks. All these factors are crucial.
  4. Pharmacovigilance training is required for encouraging the safe and effective use of different medicines. It is meant for promoting education and understanding of pharmacovigilance and its benefits.

For small or medium-sized companies, it can be very expensive to run a pharmacovigilance system. As far as large companies are concerned, they prefer to outsource this service. There are several CROs (Contract Research Organizations) that run pharmacovigilance systems for such clients. Small as well as large companies prefer to outsource pharmacovigilance project management services for better efficiency.


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